April 1, 2023
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It is the first time to introduce the landing application of Changhua Hospital!ITRI ​​develops medical-grade precision monitoring wearable application system | TechNews

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The post-epidemic era has driven the rise of zero-contact business opportunities and accelerated the explosion of medical smart wearable device applications. ITRI announced today that it has cooperated with GED Technology to develop the “800Z Smart Health Watch System”, and introduced the AI ​​artificial intelligence analysis system for Taiwan’s medical certification process. It was tested and verified at Changhua Hospital of the Ministry of Health and Welfare for the first time. In the future, medical staff can provide personalized diagnosis and medical advice in real time through early monitoring.

With the rise of the post-epidemic era and various technologies, smart wearable devices have gradually gained a place in life, and telemedicine actions through smart wearable devices may also accelerate the development of “early diagnosis” and “personalized treatment”. and the development of “chronic disease management” and other fields.

Seeing the trend of telemedicine, ITRI and related medical institutes continue to develop and conduct factory verification, hoping to use wearable devices to help people monitor health data for a long time, so that medical staff can detect cardiovascular diseases, dementia, sleep and potential diseases early. Diseases, etc., or through a continuous health data model, better personalized medical assistance is provided to achieve the purpose of personalized and precise diagnosis and treatment.

Zhang Shijie, director of the Institute of Electro-Optical Systems of ITRI, said that in view of the risk of the epidemic, hemodialysis may have an infection risk. Information and shift information are fully electronic, and AI can be used to analyze the risk of hypotension that may arise during the diagnosis and treatment process to reduce patient discomfort.

Zhang Shijie pointed out that the two parties are now cooperating to combine the AI ​​artificial intelligence BOX developed by ITRI with the GED technology wristband to upload the patient’s physiological information in real time, and then use edge computing to immediately perform AI calculations on the data to provide nursing staff with the latest patient updates. conditions, making medical care more secure.

ITRI ​​assisted the “800Z Smart Health Watch System” in field verification in Changhua Hospital. Through the AI ​​accurate health data model, the continuous health data of patients during the dialysis process was analyzed to understand the physiological trends and changes. So far, 500 patients, upper 10,000 pieces of information to help manage the changes in the dynamic health data of chronic patients at home, grasp the risks, and successfully reduce medical resources.

Zeng Kongyan, director of Changhua Hospital of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, said that in the post-epidemic era, non-contact and precise medical monitoring is required. Gade Technology’s “800Z Smart Health Watch System” supports accurate electrocardiogram (ECG; Electrocardiography), blood oxygen concentration, dynamic heart rate, dynamic pressure, Collection and application of important health data such as body temperature.

Zeng Kongyan pointed out that the “800Z Smart Health Watch System” supports the Bluetooth gateway function, which can be used for real-time health data collection and management in large areas such as medical institutions, elderly care centers, and corporate offices, and supports real-time distress buttons, which can be used as patients An effective system for health data monitoring and emergency demand response, which can efficiently monitor the health status of patients and reduce the care burden of medical staff.

(Source of the first image: Industrial Technology Research Institute)

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