June 7, 2023
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It is rumored that the reason for the cancellation of Switch Pro development is related to Nintendo not wanting to take risks

There have been rumors that Nintendo is preparing to launch the Switch Pro game console for some time, but the official has not made any response, whether it is confirmation or denial, and the website Digital Foundry has brought bad news to players who are looking forward to it. The show said that Nintendo will not launch a Switch Pro project in 2023.

It has been rumored that Switch Pro is an upgraded version of the current Switch, and its biggest selling point is to support 4K image quality. John Linneman, a member of Digital Foundry, said in the Podcast program that Nintendo has canceled the Switch Pro project. Linneman said that many developers have said that Nintendo plans to launch a mid-term update for the Switch, but the latest news indicates that the project has been aborted.

Although Linneman did not directly explain why the Switch Pro was abandoned, he hinted that Nintendo is not willing to take the risk of launching another Pro version under the Switch that already has an OLED screen version. He also mentioned that the popular game “Original God” was originally scheduled to be launched on Switch, and Nintendo had made an official announcement, but it has not yet been released, which means that the Switch models currently on sale cannot run this highly demanding game. game.

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