April 1, 2023
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It is rumored that the new iPhone SE uses an M-shaped LCD Analyst: No Face ID, use the side Touch ID button

According to Ross Young, CEO and analyst at research firm DSCC, Apple plans to release a new iPhone SE model in 2024, with a 5.7- to 6.1-inch LCD display and an “M-shaped” notch like the iPhone X. . As for whether the Face ID function is supported, there is no firm news yet.

Ross Young said earlier that Apple is trying to add dynamic islands to the fourth-generation iPhone SE. The reason is that he considers that the new generation of iPhone SE will be released in 2024, so the dynamic island has the opportunity to appear in the new generation of iPhone SE. However, Ross Young’s latest statement ruled out this possibility.

But Ross Young revised earlier predictions that the new iPhone SE will feature a 6.1-inch “M-shaped” display with a notch. ‌Whether the bangs will include a TrueDepth camera array to support Face ID is unclear. There are rumors that the iPhone SE will not use Face ID to save costs, but will stick to Touch ID like previous models.

Tianfeng Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo revealed that Apple plans to add a ‌Touch ID‌ side button to the new iPhone SE, just like the iPad Air and iPad mini. The size of the notch on the fourth-generation ‌iPhone SE‌ is unclear, but it could be narrower than the ‌iPhone‌ XR if it doesn’t include components like a dot projector for ‌Face ID‌.


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