April 1, 2023
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It is rumored that Spotify is preparing to launch a HiFi service named “Platinum” with a monthly fee of $19.99

The market for streaming music services is fierce, and Spotify has remained muted against other rivals that have launched lossless formats. Recently, a user received a questionnaire from Spotify, which mentioned that the new “HiFi” service may be launched soon.

On Reddit, a former Spotify user shared a recently received questionnaire, asking them if they were interested in re-subscribing to the service, and proposed a new fee tier. In addition to its own free and paid services, a new one was added. The new “Platinum” service, which includes a series of functions that are not currently available, such as HiFi and Studio Sound, etc., except that HiFi should represent a lossless format, the actual function is still unknown.


According to sources, Spotify has not yet decided on the actual advanced service content. They announced Spotify HiFi as early as 2021, but it has not yet been launched. However, since there are still questionnaires asking for opinions, they say that the plan is not stillborn. It may be officially announced soon.


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