March 27, 2023
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It is rumored that Huawei has developed a “two-way satellite sending and receiving SMS” to support short-term voice calls- Hong Kong

The Mate 50 series smartphones launched by Huawei are equipped with the BeiDou satellite messaging function, and are the industry’s first mass smartphones that support BeiDou satellite messaging. A Weibo digital blogger recently posted that Huawei is developing the next-generation satellite communication technology, namely “two-way text messaging”, “support for sending voice messages” and “support for short-term voice calls”.

The mainland social media account “The factory manager is classmate Guan” revealed that “two-way text messaging” is most likely to be launched at present, and the satellite communication of the next-generation “Mate 60” series mobile phone models is expected to be the first to support this function. At present, the Huawei Mate 50 series only supports sending messages, not receiving, and needs to be used in an open and unshaded environment.

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(Image Source:Screenshot of Weibo “The Director is a Classmate Guan”)

It is understood that the Beidou satellite navigation system is an independently constructed and operated satellite navigation system, an important national space infrastructure that provides positioning, navigation and timing services for global users.

According to the official introduction, users of Huawei Mate 50 series mobile phone models can send text and location information to the outside world through the Changlian app in environments without ground network signal coverage, such as in desert and no-man’s land, in distress at sea, and in earthquake rescue. connect.

source:“The director is classmate Guan” Weibo Mewe pages:

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