March 27, 2023

It is rumored that animal ears, animal tails, and fairy ears are banned in Chinese games. Experts at the version number office deny the rumors- Hong Kong

Many Japanese-style mobile games produced in China use Japanese-style animation-style paintings to create characters, so many character designs are influenced by Japanese elf characters. A few days ago, there were rumors that a batch of games submitted for review in China were accused of violating regulations, and friends of the game company received this news and believed that animal ears, animal tails, elf ears, and wings can no longer appear in the game. Then some media quoted the opinion of a deputy head of the version number approval expert group, saying that it is not that anthropomorphic demihumans are prohibited from appearing in the game, but that the demihuman images in some games violate the basic principles of nudity and bloody violence.

A Weibo account of “Is the game version number issued today” recently reprinted a screenshot of a conversation. In the picture, a person called a game manufacturer pointed out that “a hammer hit my project head”, “new turtle’s butt” ( It means “new regulations”), “revisions to be submitted for trial”, and his friend pointed out that the new regulations stipulate that animal ears, animal tails, elf ears, and wings can no longer appear in the game. The same Weibo also reprinted another picture, which looks like a government document, which states that “some current game partners contain characters such as animal ears and tails, which are classified as bad orientation in the editorial comments, and it is recommended to weaken this in the design of new characters in the future. In terms of other regulations, in the game, “can’t let the character fall to death”, “no tattoos”, “no drinking”, “no too many red colors” and so on.

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However, another Weibo account “Skyline Game Information” later claimed to have visited a person who was “the deputy head of the game review expert group in the game version number declaration territorial approval (pilot) area”, saying that there was no rule that games could not use subtitles. Human image, but the current game’s use of demi-human images violates the basic rules, that is, bad induction, bloody violence, nudity, etc. The focus is on the latter, not the character image. As for the prohibition of too many red colors, experts pointed out that three years ago, it was stipulated that no liquid of any color should appear in the fighting system. In terms of tattoos, on June 6, 2022, the “Measures for the Management of Tattoos for Minors” issued by the State Council of China has stipulated that no tattoos are allowed in newly declared games.

At present, many Chinese-made games use Japanese design styles to create characters, including animal ears, animal tails, elf ears, wings and other elements. If they are “rectified”, well-known international games such as “Genshin Impact”, “Tomorrow’s Ark” and “Azur Lane” will bear the brunt, affecting the overall character design direction of the game.

source:“Is the game version number issued today?” Weibo

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