March 30, 2023
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It has shrunk! The USB-C charging cable of the new iPad Pro is cut: the E-Marker chip is removed, and the power is reduced from 100W to 60W! – Urban Tech Story

A while ago, Apple officially released2022 iPad Proand comes withNew USB-C Braided Charging Cable. Although the iPad Pro has been upgraded in terms of performance, the included charging cable has shrunk to a certain extent compared to the previously included USB-C charging cable.

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After testing, although this new USB-C charging cable is made with the same weaving process as the lightning cable, it is better in appearance and texture, butE-Marker chip canceledOnly supports 60W fast charge, no longer a 100W charging cable. In other respects, the write speed of this new USB-C charging cable is about 35.9MB/s and the read speed is about 38.8MB/s,Only USB 2.0 transfer speed

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In addition, although this cable adopts the design of USB-C to C, it does not support video transmission. Overall, although this new USB-C charging cable has been upgraded in appearance, the E-Marker chip has been canceled in actual use, shrinking from 100W fast charging to 60W, and other aspects are the same as the previous cable. no difference.

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