March 29, 2023
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Israel introduces AI machine guns to use AI to lock on targets and avoid shooting wrong civilians

The situation in Israel and Palestine is becoming increasingly tense, so the Israeli army recently introduced AI machine guns. The Israeli military says AI machine guns will never use live ammunition and will be regulated.

This twin-gun turret equipped with an AI machine gun is located on a defense tower in the al-Aroub refugee camp in the West Bank. Hishesh, who lives in the al-Aroub refugee camp, said Israeli soldiers can easily hit targets with AI machine guns with just one click, and he has seen AI machine guns fire tear gas that can reach the end of the camp.
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Image source: Euronews

Michal Mor, CEO of Smart Shooter, a remote-controlled weapon company, said that this AI machine gun with a high hit rate can effectively protect soldiers and civilians. Therefore, even if terrorists are mixed with civilians, soldiers can use the AI ​​machine gun’s fire control system to lock the target. It ensures that when the soldier presses the trigger, the bullet will be fired and hit the target without accidentally hitting anyone else.

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Image source: Euronews

Although the Israeli military stated in a statement that AI machine guns are regulated like other weapons and will only fire tear gas, flash grenades and sponge-tip bullets instead of live ammunition, some human rights activists have accused Israel of digitizing weapon systems to create “Human Rights Powder Keg”. Omar Shakir, Israel and Palestine director at Human Rights Watch, cited international law, saying the use of technology to reduce policeman’s human judgment would complicate the situation.

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Image source: Euronews

source:Euronews Mewe Page :

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