March 28, 2023
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Is it difficult to sell Chinese mobile phones in Taiwan?Morning in Taiwan’s Dalin: This is a relative strength issue | Urban Tech Story

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Previously, a mobile phone distributor told the “Science and Technology News” that in the past, the main CP Valuable Chinese mobile phones cannot be sold in Taiwan this year; a Chinese mobile phone manufacturer believes that the main reason is that China has lost its supply chain advantage, resulting in the price of some mobile phones cannot be lowered, so that consumers have concerns before purchasing.

In this regard, Lin Zhichen, general manager of Taiwan Big Brother, has a different view; he said that this is because Galaxy cell phone,iPhonePixel The sales of mobile phones are quite strong. This is a question of relative strength, and it is not that Chinese mobile phones cannot be sold.

Lin Zhichen pointed out,Pixel No matter which one is selling quite well this year; and Samsung’s folding model, which adds the classic stylus to the folding machine, is an attractive selling point for users.

iPhone Originally, there are a group of loyal fans. Since last year, the price has been relatively modest. This year, there are again iPhone 14 Plus A new option for a big screen iPhone users can buy it at a relatively affordable price.

Lin Zhichen believes that this is not an issue that China cannot sell mobile phones, but that the sales of these models are relatively strong, and consumers will always buy their favorite mobile phones, which has nothing to do with the Chinese issue.

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