June 9, 2023
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iPhone can sideload apps?In response to the new EU law, it is revealed that Apple iOS 17 will allow third-party app stores to replace the App Store for sideloading in disguise- TechNave 中文版

One of the biggest differences between iOS users and Android has always beenApps can only be downloaded through the App Storealthough this move is to protect iPhone users and prevent malicious apps from unknown sources from taking advantage of it, it has also been criticized as Apple’s “closed”, and even pointed out that Apple’s instructions are for the benefit of the issue, not really for the sake of users.

However, with the new EUThe Digital Markets ActThrough this, Apple had to make passive adjustments, first of all, USB-C is the first step, and then there is the opening of the iOS closed system.

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According to the latest report from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple is preparing to make major adjustments to its App Store strategy on the iPhone.Before the official opening of sideloading, allow the use of third-party app stores on iPhone and iPad, thereby bypassing the App Store to install some programs.

In response to the European Union’s “Digital Market Law”, Apple has begun to ask software engineers and employees to prepare a project that will allow third-party application stores to replace the App Store on the iPhone and iPad, but there is no question about whether it will allow The emergence of payment systems to replace Apple Pay is uncertain.

Of course, the “Digital Market Law” is not only a blow to Apple, this regulation may also force Apple to make major adjustments to App Store, Messages, FaceTime, Siri (WebKit) and other products, and they must be released on March 6, 2024. adjustments before the date.

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At that time, Apple may open the underlying framework and API to third-party apps to provide deeper support for core system functions and hardware. It also follows news that Apple is working to open up NFC in a limited way to allow an Apple Pay alternative, and is considering further opening up the Find My network to third-party accessory makers like Tile.

If Apple refuses to comply with the Digital Markets Act, the EU could fine the company 20% of its global revenue.According to the current income of Apple, the fine may be as high as $80 billion

It is worth noting that people familiar with the matter expect this change may be implemented in next year’s iOS 17 appeared on. The plan was described as a “major move to open up key elements of Apple’s platform,” the person said, adding that “as part of the changes, users will finally be able to download third-party software to their Apple apps without using the company’s App Store.” on your iPhone and iPad”.

At present, the most significant change of this adjustment is that if users do not use the App Store to download applications, it means that developers do not need to pay Apple a commission of 15% to 30% (probably the agreed amount will be charged to third-party stores) , So as to reduce the cost of developers and users, but the problem is that Apple may only implement this strategy in Europe for the time being.

Of course, if other countries/regions introduce similar legislative support, third-party app stores may gradually expand to markets outside the EU. For more technology information, please continue to stay on the Chinese version of TechNave!

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