March 29, 2023
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iPhone can be charged with clean energy, new features in Apple iOS 16.1

Apple added the Clean Energy Charging feature in iOS 16.1, which allows users to charge while using clean energy to generate electricity. I hope to help iPhone users reduce their carbon footprint and support environmental protection.

In the latest iOS 16.1, the clean energy charging function has been added. This allows iPhone users to charge during periods of low-carbon emissions electricity, reducing the user’s carbon footprint. When charging with clean energy, you will be notified on the lock screen when your iPhone is fully charged.

Currently, this function is only available in the United States. Users only need to turn on the clean energy charging function in the Settings>Battery>Battery Health and Charging interface. And make sure location services and system customization are turned on to use the above features.

Carbon footprint Carbon footprint refers to the amount of greenhouse gas emissions caused by a person, event, organization, service or product. The concept, commissioned by BP, was proposed by Ogilvy & Mather, and it has also been accused of shifting the responsibility for reducing carbon emissions from big companies to consumers.


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