June 2, 2023
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iPhone battery health is still 100% after one year! 3C experts share the secret: as long as the phone does not get hot, it is no problem to charge while playing! – Urban Tech Story

The battery life of the iPhone has always been the focus of attention of many fruit fans, and the iPhone itself also has a battery health function, which allows users to judge the battery life from the set “battery health”.

A few days ago, Taiwanese YouTuber “Brother Tim” pointed out that he hasI have been using the iPhone 13 Mini for a year, and the battery health of the phone is still at 100%relying on implementing a charging concept:Don’t let your phone get hotit is no problem to slide the phone while charging, which sparked discussion.


Brother Tim said on YouTube that it is not long-term use, but “high temperature fever” that will affect the battery life. He has been using the iPhone 13 Mini for a year, and the health of the phone is still at 100%. The key is not to let the phone get hot. ,Usually, the power is maintained at 40 to 80%, and it can be charged at any time.


He explained that the reason for turning off the charging is to ensure that the phone does not get hot when it is not connected to the Internet. He also mentioned,If the health level drops below 80%, it means that the battery has been seriously damaged, and it is recommended to replace the battery.

Brother Tim also explained that the battery undergoes oxidation and reduction reactions during charging, which is very sensitive to temperature. Therefore, watching movies and playing games while charging will make the mobile phone run at high speed, and at the same time, the chip will dissipate a lot of heat energy. Chemicals that can damage the battery, affect battery life, and reduce battery health.

As for the question “Can you slide your phone while charging?”, Brother Tim responded that you can use it while charging, but the premise is not to make the phone hot, so it’s okay to slide Facebook while charging. If you want to play mobile games , it is recommended not to use fast charging; it is also possible to charge overnight, as long as the charging device is certified and the “optimized battery charging” mode is turned on.

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