June 2, 2023
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iPhone 14 Pro explosion, dark purple back shell, frosted layer peeling off

The iPhone 14 Pro has been on the market for more than a week, and the new dark purple body is more popular with many consumers. Apple uses the AG frosted process for the glass back of the iPhone 14 Pro, which looks and feels pretty good, but a Chinese tech blog recently posted that a user complained to him that the back of the iPhone 14 Pro had been “scratched” .

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Technology blog @ Laobao Technology uploaded a photo on Weibo, and you can see the dark purple glass back of the iPhone 14 Pro. The so-called scratched part is actually the frosted layer peeling off. @ Laobang Technology Award is to blame for the back manufacturing process used by Apple. He compares the usual methods of other manufacturers. Generally, Android phones use chemical etching to achieve a frosted effect through the corrosion of the glass back.

As for the iPhone 14 Pro, ceramic bead sand is sprayed on the glass surface. This physical process is equivalent to combining two different materials. @ Laobao Technology believes that this is the main reason for the peeling off of the frosted layer. He is even more concerned about the affected users to find Apple The after-sales follow-up of the company believes that Apple should be responsible for this kind of problem. The tech blog states that dark purple is the new color, with more blemishes than the original color.

Data and picture sources:Weibo

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