June 9, 2023
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iPhone 14 Helps Rescue People in Distress in the Canyon The Collision Detection Function Successfully Saves People Again- Hong Kong unwire.hk

With the rapid development of technology, in addition to making our life more convenient, new technology can also protect our life. A few days ago in the United States, there was an incident in which the iPhone 14 automatically detected an accident and led rescuers to rescue it.

A few days ago, a car carrying a pair of male and female passengers was driving out of the Agnes National Forest Park and was about to enter the highway when the car suddenly plunged into a canyon about 300 feet (about 91.5 meters). At the same time, a passenger triggered the iPhone 14’s built-in collision detection function when the accident happened, and successfully recorded the collision. Since there is no mobile phone service in the canyon, the iPhone 14’s system automatically activated Apple’s satellite emergency function, and successfully sent the unexpected location to the system of local rescuers.

After receiving the latitude and longitude data automatically sent by the system, the local rescuers immediately dispatched a rescue team and used helicopters to lift the injured out of the canyon and send them to the local hospital.

Pictures and sources:9TO5Mac

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