March 29, 2023
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iPad mini 6 global price hike, US, Canada, Hong Kong not affected

When Apple released the sixth-generation iPad mini last year, it offered Wi-Fi and 5G versions, plus 64GB or 256GB storage, a total of four configuration options. Some foreign media recently discovered that after Apple released the tenth-generation iPad and the new iPad Pro, the iPad The official pricing of the mini 6 has quietly increased, and the prices displayed by Apple Stores in many countries have risen.

The website GSMArena found that in countries settled in euros, such as France, Germany, Ireland and the Netherlands, the price of the most basic 64GB Wi-Fi version of the iPad mini 6 increased by 100 euros (about 768 Hong Kong dollars), while the highest configuration of the 256GB 5G version increased by 160 Euros (approximately HK$1,229). The increase in the United Kingdom and Norway was similar to that of the EU, but the increase in Poland and Sweden was higher, and the two tablets increased by about HK$1,048 and HK$1,608 respectively.

Asia-Pacific countries such as Malaysia, Thailand and Australia have relatively modest increases, taking Malaysia as an example to increase prices by only HK$166 and HK$498. However, not all countries have adjusted the price of the iPad mini 6, the United States, Canada and Hong Kong remain unchanged, continuing to be the price when it was launched last year.

Data and picture sources:gsmarena Mewe page:

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