April 1, 2023
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iOS 16’s low-key addition of Dvorak keyboard non-mainstream layout is popular with programmers

Our commonly used keyboard arrangements have always been dominated by QWERTY, but there are actually many types of arrangements. Recently, some media discovered that the Dvorak keyboard was originally added to iOS 16. Although this arrangement is not mainstream, it is very popular among programmers.

The Dvorak keyboard actually has a long history. It was launched 60 years after the invention of QWERTY. It improved ergonomics and typing speed by evenly distributing commonly used keys to all fingers, but it has not become mainstream. On the Apple side, this keyboard arrangement was first added to the Apple IIc in 1984, and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is a fan of the Dvorak keyboard, saying that “you can’t turn your head after using it.”

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To enable the Dvorak keyboard in iOS 16, Dvorak can be found under the English keyboard settings. The world’s fastest typing record holder is currently using the Dvorak keyboard, which shows its high efficiency. Of course, its advantages are mainly used when typing on the keyboard, and using it on a mobile phone screen is probably no different from QWERTY. In any case, if you are a friend who often needs to type in English, you might as well try this interesting keyboard.

source:Ars Technica

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