April 1, 2023
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iOS 16.1, macOS Ventura officially launched, new features at a glance

iOS 16.1, macOS Ventura is officially launched. Apple has added the “iCloud Shared Photo Library” function in iOS 16.1, which can share photos and videos with 5 other people, which is convenient for friends and family members to share photos taken after travel and activities. ,Film. In addition, the “Dynamic Island” was officially opened to third-party manufacturers. macOS Ventura is a major update. In addition to the iCloud sharing photo library function, there is also a shared Safari paging group, which is convenient for sharing travel itineraries, activity-related webpages, and reference materials with friends and family. The new OS also adds the function of using iPhone as a webcam. Just put the iPhone close to the Mac, and the video input of the computer will automatically become the iPhone.

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What’s New in iOS 16.1

iCloud Shared Photo Library

• Individual galleries allow users to seamlessly share photos and videos with up to five other people

• Set rules to easily provide old photos based on start date or people in photos when setting or adding to gallery

• Quickly switch between viewing “Shared Gallery”, “Personal Gallery”, or view both galleries by gallery filter

• Shared edits and permissions allow everyone to join, edit and delete photos, as well as mark favorites and join instructions

The Share toggle control in Camera gives you the option to send captured photos directly to the Shared Gallery, or enable settings to automatically share photos when other members are detected nearby via Bluetooth

real-time dynamic

• The iPhone 14 Pro model’s “moving bear bird, and the lock screen can display real-time updates from third-party apps.


•Key Sharing lets you securely share car keys, hotel room keys and other keys in Wallet using messaging apps like Messages and WhatsApp


• Support for Matter, the new smart home connectivity standard, allowing various smart home accessories to work together across ecosystems


• Reader controls are automatically hidden when you start reading

This update also includes bug fixes for iPhone:

•Deleted conversations may appear in the conversation list in Messages

• Cannot view “Dynamic Island” content when using “One-handed Mode”

• CarPlay may not connect when using VPN App

What’s New in macOS Ventura at a Glance


The search function provides more accurate and complete results and offers suggestions before you enter your search terms.

Added cancel transmission, scheduled transmission, follow-up, and added link preview function.

2022 10 25 上午11.29.16


Directly in Spotlight, you can search for images in the Photos app, Notes app, and Finder. You can also use the original text function to search for images based on the text in the images.

2022 10 25 上午11.29.27

New search design

For more detailed search results, you can browse the required information on the search screen, including contacts, albums, artists, movies, TV shows, actors, sports and business information. With the Quick Look feature, you can zoom in on the preview and scroll through it simply by pressing the spacebar.

Spotlight Quick Action

Spotlight can quickly set alarms, turn on focus mode, find song titles and execute shortcuts through Shazam, etc.

Safari and Passkeys

Passkey is a brand-new login method, protected by point-to-point encryption to avoid phishing and data leakage, making it stronger than the common types of two-factor authentication. In addition, passkeys are also available for non-Apple devices.

Shared paging groups

Share individual tabs and bookmarks, send messages, and even start a FaceTime call right from within Safari. To plan a trip with a friend, or research a sofa with a partner, you can share all relevant tabs in one place. They can also add pagination when they find great content to use.

2022 10 25 上午11.29.41


You can edit the message you just sent, and even cancel the last one sent. You can also mark the message as unread so you can come back to it if you can’t respond right away.


iCloud Shared Photo Library

Seamlessly share photos and videos with up to five people. iCloud Shared Photo Library brings your family’s memories together in one place, so everyone can see them anytime, no matter who took them or who retouched them.

2022 10 25 上午11.29.52

Various smart sharing methods

Choose to build your gallery by start date or people you’ve seen. After setting up the shared gallery, you can manually share photos, or you can view the new “Suggestions to add to your shared gallery” in the sidebar, and select photos from smart suggestions to add to your shared gallery.

Backstage management

On-screen management mode automatically organizes apps and windows into one place on your Mac, allowing you to easily switch between tasks and stay focused.

2022 10 25 上午11.30.06

Easily switch between apps

Switch to different apps and windows smoothly with one tap; tap anywhere on the desktop to quickly return to a file or folder.

For specific jobs or projects, group apps, rearrange, resize, or overlap them to your favorite layout.

2022 10 25 上午11.30.14


Transfer a FaceTime call from one device to another with one tap, so you can continue the call with the device you have at hand whenever you want.

camera connection

iPhone as webcam

Just hold your iPhone close to your Mac, and the camera input will automatically change to your iPhone, working completely wirelessly, no wires needed.

2022 10 25 上午11.30.28

character center

Through the camera connection, the character centering function is now available on all Macs. During a video call or meeting, the camera view will keep you in the center of the screen even as you move around.

Studio lighting and portrait mode

Studio lighting brightens the face while dimming the background for an aesthetic look. Portrait mode blurs the background.

A completely new Game Center dashboard

See which games your friends play and which levels you’ve hit.

system setting

The system settings have been replaced with a new sidebar design. It is more convenient than ever to browse various settings and set up your Mac. iPhone and iPad users must be more familiar with this interface.

2022 10 25 上午11.30.38

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