June 9, 2023
2023nian jian lu zheng hua 960

[Interview with Lu Zhenghua, Director of the Digital Industry Department of the Ministry of Digital Development]Promoting the development of the digital industry with resilience, integration, information security and empowerment

The Ministry of Digital Development was listed on the road on August 27, 2022. In the afternoon of the same day, the Digital Industry Agency, a third-level agency of the Ministry of Digital Development, was also listed for operation in the afternoon of the same day. Lu Zhenghua, director of the Digital Industry Department of the Ministry of Digital Development, has served as the director of the Industrial Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs for the past five and a half years. As the focus of future business promotion, under the policy that information security is national security, we will more actively implement the “industrialization of information security and industrialization of information security”, and make sure that information security becomes the basis for the operation and development of all industries. In addition, in the face of endless personal information leaks, Lu Zhenghua also said that government departments are actively promoting a zero-trust information security framework, and for A-level agencies with personal information, they must complete the T-Road before the end of 2024 at the latest ( Government data transmission platform), and the T-Road transmission is encrypted with government certificates throughout, and is not connected to external service network segments, which also provides more stringent protection for information security.

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