June 6, 2023
2023nian 3yue zi an yue bao

[Information Security Monthly Report]March 2023

In the information security monthly report in March this year, information security news related to ChatGPT attracted the most attention. Since OpenAI launched the ChatGPT chatbot with generative AI at the end of November last year, the development of chatbots has finally made significant progress. Search brings new influences. In March of this year, OpenAI released the multi-modal model GPT-4. Because the answering ability and correct rate greatly surpassed GPT-3.5, as long as more and better hints or guidance are given, it will be more and more in line with user expectations and practicality. It has also improved. Although it has not yet reached real maturity, it has improved a little in terms of substantial assistance and assistance. At the end of March, Google also released a generative dialogue AI Bard based on its own dialogue AI model LaMDA. While the application of technologies such as ChatGPT is hot, the issue of its information security has become the biggest focus of this month.

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