June 2, 2023

[Information Security Daily]On September 12, 2022, researchers revealed that GIFShell, the malicious software Bumblebee, was buried in the memory of the victim computer to attack Microsoft Teams.

Hackers target collaboration platforms to launch attacks from time to time. Most of them are targeting 1 or 2 weaknesses. Recently, however, a researcher has revealed GIFShell, a method of attacking Microsoft Teams collaboration platform. Among them, 7 weaknesses are used in one go. It’s pretty rare. Researchers discovered the malware Bumblebee half a year ago. At that time, hackers used its seemingly harmless features to deliver other malicious programs, ransomware and other tools to victim computers. It is detected by the information security system, and it may be difficult to prevent related attacks. NATO played the main military force against Russia in the Ukraine war, but because some member states did not properly keep the information they held, the military organization’s secrets were exposed. It is reported that the General Staff Headquarters of the Portuguese Armed Forces was attacked by a network, which led to the leakage of documents related to NATO, and the hack was only discovered when the relevant documents entered the dark web.

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