May 28, 2023

[Information Security Daily]On October 6, 2022, new ProxyNotShell mitigations can be bypassed, researchers discover Akamai misconfiguration vulnerability

Regarding the mitigation measures on how to prevent the Exchange zero-day vulnerability ProxyNotShell, someone first discovered on October 3 that the method provided by Microsoft could be bypassed and tried to improve it, but it was found that it was still not enough time, and a third version appeared. mitigation measures. In this way, changing the Exchange configuration several times in a week may cause the IT staff to be exhausted. A researcher has found a vulnerability in Akamai’s configuration misconfiguration that could affect nearly all of the company’s customers. BYOVD attacks are becoming more and more common these days! We reported on Monday that North Korean hackers used a flawed Dell driver to launch an attack, and now the ransomware hacking group BlackByte is doing the same, using an older MSI driver to disable antivirus software.

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