March 28, 2023

[Information Security Daily]On October 31, 2022, German copper supplier Aurubis was attacked, and GitHub had a vulnerability that could be used to hijack a repository by renaming it

Once a metal material supplier is attacked, it is likely to affect the supply chain of the related manufacturing industry. Germany-based copper supplier Aurubis issued an announcement that they were hit by a cyber attack, and while maintenance operations are largely still functioning, the damage remains to be investigated. AWS EC2 Execution Instances Are Targeted for Hacking! The hacking group TeamTNT used the visual monitoring tool Weave Scope to launch the attack, intending to steal credentials that can access the environment of EC2 execution instances. But it’s worth noting that the conduit for the hack is a Docker server with open REST API access. The information security industry has revealed the vulnerability of GitHub’s repository hijacking (RepoJacking), which may change the sub-domain name of the repository due to changing the user ID, making it possible for attackers to abuse the sub-domain name before the repository is renamed.

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