March 28, 2023

[Information Security Daily]On October 28, 2022, the pro-China hacker Dragonbridge spread false information to manipulate the US political situation and the database library SQLite to patch a 22-year-old high-risk vulnerability

Another case of Chinese hackers trying to spread false information! The hacker group Dragonbridge spread a series of disinformation targeting the United States by setting up fake social networking site accounts and tampering with news. Among them, the most outrageous should be the fake news that the Chinese hacker organization APT41 was instructed by the U.S. government to attack government organizations in other countries. Taiwanese people’s personal information has once again flowed into hacker forums for resale! A news website pointed out that the hackers claimed to have the household loan data of nearly all Taiwanese people, and the content was quite detailed and the data was relatively new. However, the Ministry of Home Affairs has not provided further clarification on this report. Problems that may not have been considered vulnerabilities in the past because of limited computing power can now be found to have serious repercussions! An information security industry exposed SQLite’s vulnerability CVE-2022-35737, and pointed out that as long as an attacker can insert an extremely large number of strings, it is possible to disable applications using the library.

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