March 27, 2023

[Information Security Daily]On October 27, 2022, the Kiss-a-Dog attack targeted vulnerable Docker and K8s, and OpenSSL announced to patch major vulnerabilities

There have been several mining attacks targeting Docker, K8s and other systems this year. CrowdStrike, an information security company, recently discovered an attack called Kiss-a-Dog through a trap and trapping system, but it is different from similar incidents in the past. The hackers hide the flow of money, making it more difficult for researchers and law enforcement to trace the source of the attack. The team behind the open-source encryption library OpenSSL has announced an upcoming release of its software aimed at patching security bugs, which is likely to fix a major flaw, according to a security news site. Orange Tsai, a Taiwanese security researcher, disclosed the major Exchange vulnerability ProxyRelay last year, and released details on October 19 this year. An attacker could exploit this vulnerability to forward specific user identities to the front-end or back-end of Exchange, or even to other Exchange services.

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