April 1, 2023

[Information Security Daily]On October 26, 2022, Tata Power, a large Indian power company, was attacked by the ransomware Hive, and VMware patched a major vulnerability in Cloud Foundation

Tata Power, a major Indian power company, was hit by a cyber attack two weeks ago, but did not mention the scope of the impact, saying only that their infrastructure was functioning normally. Now there are hacking groups claiming they are responsible, and publishing screenshots. Vulnerabilities discovered and patched years ago have recently become the target of hackers again! The U.S. CISA warned about four vulnerabilities discovered in Gigabyte drivers in 2018, as well as the VPN connection-style AnyConnect vulnerability patched by Cisco in 2020, and asked the public sector to fix it within a time limit. VMware recently patched the Cloud Foundation critical vulnerability CVE-2021-39144, and it is worth noting that, given the severity of this vulnerability, the company also made an exception to release an update for NSX-V, which has ended support.

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