March 30, 2023

[Information Security Daily]On October 24, 2022, an attack on the Text4Shell vulnerability was reported, and hackers forged a Saudi Arabian government website to lure local people into donating their personal information.

On October 13, Apache issued a warning against Text4Shell, a major vulnerability in Commons Text patched at the end of September, and attracted the attention of many researchers, because this vulnerability is likely to bring disasters similar to Log4Shell, less than a week later , several security players have observed attacks that actively probe for vulnerabilities. VMware patched a major vulnerability in the identity management system Workspace ONE Access in April this year. In the past two months, it has been used in attacks, such as deploying ransomware, mining programs, and botnet viruses. Phishing attacks are getting more and more arrogant, and now someone has a bad brain on the Saudi people! According to the investigation of information security manufacturers, there are phishing attacks using fake government portals, and the other party will not only steal the victims’ personal information, but also loot their bank accounts.

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