April 1, 2023

[Information Security Daily]On October 20, 2022, Chinese hacker APT41 used the Spyder Loader backdoor to ambush the Hong Kong government, and Microsoft server configuration errors led to the leakage of customer data

The Hong Kong government is also the target of Chinese hacker APT41 monitoring! As hackers use specific backdoors to launch their attacks, researchers compared the backdoors with their tactics, part of the group’s massive cyber espionage campaign. A backdoor created by a hacker is almost undetectable and harmful! The malware was distributed under the guise of providing job application forms, and it is rarer for a backdoor to evade detection by logging itself in as an operating system updater. Due to the improper configuration of one of Microsoft’s servers, the data of more than 65,000 corporate customers was also exposed, which is likely to be the worst B2B data breach in history.

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