March 30, 2023

[Information Security Daily]On October 18, 2022, Japanese technology company Omiya Kasei was attacked by the ransomware LockBit, and hackers sold UEFI malware BlackLotus

In today’s information security news, ransomware attacks account for the majority, and they span manufacturing, biotechnology, media, and financial industries. Among them, Omiya Kasei, a Japanese technology company involved in the semiconductor, automobile, and medical industries, was attacked by the ransomware LockBit. It is worth noting, because this accident is likely to affect the upstream and downstream supply chains of related industries. Malicious programs that can be buried in the UEFI firmware of computers have been reported in several attacks in the past, and the attackers are often state-level hackers. But recently some people began touting such attack software in hacker forums, which has attracted the attention of researchers. Researchers believe that once hackers buy this malware, it is likely to be used in bring-your-own-driver (BYOVD) attacks. Fortinet, which a week ago prioritized email notifications of major vulnerabilities to some users, has also addressed the issue and provided intrusion indicators for companies to check for victims.

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