March 28, 2023

[Information Security Daily]On October 17, 2022, the Australian police’s multinational anti-drug secrets were leaked due to the hacking of the Colombian government, and the Dutch police obtained 155 ransomware DeadBolt decryption keys

It is also because of the ineffectiveness of government agencies in protecting data that other units of transnational cooperation are also victimized! According to Australian media reports, information related to the country’s police investigation into Colombia’s transnational drug smuggling has flowed into hacker forums due to the Colombian government’s hack. This is not the first such incident – ​​in September this year, the General Staff Headquarters of the Portuguese Armed Forces (EMGFA) was attacked by a cyber attack, resulting in the leakage of documents related to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). The notorious ransomware DeadBolt has been attacking NAS devices since the beginning of this year. With the cooperation of law enforcement agencies and information security industry, good news came out. The Dutch police have successfully obtained more than 150 decryption keys from hackers, which are expected to unlock 90% of the victim’s NAS devices.

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