May 28, 2023

[Information Security Daily]On November 15, 2022, Chinese hackers targeted Uyghurs and other ethnic minorities to launch attacks, and large-scale phishing campaigns abused more than 400 brands

There have been several reports of Chinese hackers targeting ethnic minorities in the country for monitoring, but most of them are targeting iOS zero-day vulnerabilities. Recently, some information security companies have discovered attacks against Uyghurs. Hackers mainly target Android phones to implant malware. Phishing attacks that spread malicious URLs through instant messaging software are commonplace. Recently, there was a particularly special attack that targeted regions outside of China. There is a loophole that can be bypassed in the unlock screen of the mobile phone! Google this month patched CVE-2022-20465, a vulnerability that allows an attacker to bypass the lock screen to access a phone if an attacker has physical access to the phone. The company issued a $70,000 bounty to the researcher.

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