March 30, 2023

[Information Security Daily]On November 1, 2022, data destruction software Azov Ransomware protested against Western countries’ ineffectiveness in fighting Russia, and the Australian Ministry of Defense reported data leakage

The information security news website Bleeping Computer exposed data destruction software called Azov Ransomware, but the hackers boasted and lied that it was composed of well-known information security researchers and information security news media, in order to make these security personnel who caught thieves become criminals. The scapegoat makes victims find these researchers and news sites to unlock the archives. The Australian Ministry of Defence reported a data breach! They said that the communication data of internal members was likely exposed because the external partner manufacturer was exposed to ransomware, but the unit did not explain why the manufacturer held communication data records for up to five years. In order to strengthen the joint defense of ransomware, the United States recently held a cross-border ransomware protection conference, which has entered the second session this year. Compared with last year, this year not only more countries sent representatives to the conference, but the US government also invited business representatives to participate for the first time.

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