June 6, 2023

[Information Security Daily]On May 2, the Russian hacker APT28 attacked Ukrainian government agencies again, this time launching a phishing attack under the guise of IT personnel

During the war, Russian hackers frequently launched phishing attacks against Ukraine. Most of them pretended to provide information about the war situation and air raid alerts as a cover. In the name of updating the computer to collect information, it is very likely that the recipient will believe it is true and follow the instructions of the other party. The emergence of new ransomware viruses is also worth keeping an eye out for. Recently, researchers revealed a ransomware called Rapture, and pointed out its rare method, which is different from many ransomware that disables various processing programs before encrypting files in order to make the process of encrypting files smoother. Rapture first detects firewalls Policy, PowerShell version and other measures to carry out.

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