June 9, 2023

[Information Security Daily]On May 18, the ransomware that asked the victim organization to do charity reappeared, this time by locking the Zimbra email system

Ransomware hackers want to steal from the rich and help the poor, and ask the victims to do charity in exchange for the decryption key. One year ago, there was an organization called GoodWill. The victims had to follow the instructions to help the poor and disclose it publicly before they had a chance to recover the files. . Recently, hacker organizations with similar behaviors appeared. They targeted the mail server Zimbra and left extortion messages asking the victim organizations to donate to specific non-profit organizations. The attack on the ransomware “BianLian” is also quite noteworthy. These hackers are focusing on extorting the victim organization through the stolen data, and deactivating the anti-virus software in the process to achieve the purpose of stealing data.

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