June 4, 2023

[Information Security Daily]On March 31, attack tools also kept up with the “multi-cloud” trend, and searched for improper configuration settings of 18 cloud service platforms in one go

It is quite common for hackers to scan cloud facilities with specific weaknesses and then launch attacks. However, AlienFox, a modular tool capable of mass scanning, has appeared. Attackers can use the same system from finding targets to discovering specific system weaknesses. The group tool is complete. Based on the convenience of such attacks, enterprises and organizations that migrate to the cloud must speed up the pace of patching vulnerabilities and correcting improper settings when websites and application systems are exposed to the public network, otherwise they will be compromised in a shorter time. In addition to being concerned about changes in cloud information security risks, botnet attacks are also worthy of attention. Some security companies warned about the situation of ShellBot and MooBot botnets, and pointed out that the two major loopholes used by hackers are also used by other botnet viruses.

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