June 4, 2023

[Information Security Daily]On March 24, more than 50,000 websites were implanted with malicious JavaScript code, redirecting users to malicious websites

The phenomenon of using malicious code to attack website users. A few days ago, we introduced the financial Trojan program Mispadu that stole account information from 17,000 websites. It started with a website, through multi-stage malicious JavaScript injection and malicious code into normal code, etc., so that users browsing the victim website will be redirected to the malicious website. In addition to website information security incidents, it is worth noting that business email fraud (BEC) attacks in the name of fake manufacturers’ loans should also be careful. Hackers see that real estate companies often handle high-value loans, and send relevant invoices and wire transfer documents. . The researchers noted that while they were able to uncover the hackers’ intent, it remains unclear whether the targeted organization was fooled.

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