June 6, 2023

[Information Security Daily]On March 13, information security company Acronis reported that its data was leaked, and security personnel of European and American media and technology companies were targeted by North Korean hacker UNC2970

It is another data leakage accident reported by the information security industry! The difference between this Acronis incident and the past is that it is suspected that the customer’s account secrets were stolen, resulting in the leakage of the configuration data sent back to the technical support team. But why was the customer’s account secret stolen? The company did not specify. It is also worth noting that the Go language botnet virus GoBruteforcer attacks against a variety of application systems. These hackers specifically target specific databases, web management systems, and file sharing servers. Arm’s Unix-like host starts. Information security personnel who want to apply for jobs through LinkedIn should be vigilant! The North Korean hacker group uses this name to find attack targets and distribute malicious programs on the grounds of testing the capabilities of researchers.

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