June 2, 2023

[Information Security Daily]On March 10, SonicWall’s SSL VPN equipment was locked by Chinese hackers, and Oracle Weblogic Server was used for mining

As remote working becomes the norm, attacks against SSL VPN devices of Foritnet, Pulse Secure and other brands appear from time to time. Recently, an information security company discovered a malicious software attack targeting SonicWall’s SSL VPN equipment, the purpose of which is to steal the account information of connected users. The attack targeting Oracle Weblogic Server is also quite noteworthy. Some hacker groups specifically use this server for mining. According to sellers who provide malicious programs, they have included several types of malicious software that evade the detection of built-in Windows systems. Mechanism, and provide advanced functions for buyers to choose. But in particular, Oracle Weblogic Server can be installed on Windows and Linux hosts, but hackers specifically target the former, indicating that this attack may be highly targeted.

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