June 6, 2023

[Information Security Daily]On February 8, 2023, the ransomware Clop locked the Linux version of the Oracle database, and the botnet virus Medusa included the ability to encrypt files

In the past two years, many ransomware have developed Linux variants, the main target of which is the virtualization platform VMware ESXi, but other IT systems developed on the basis of Linux may also become targets. Hackers are now targeting Oracle data executed on this system. Attacking the library allows an attacker to issue commands and encrypt the database, the application itself, and user files. Being attacked by a botnet virus is not only the control of the infected device, but also the destruction of files. Some researchers found that the new version of malware Medusa not only has the ability to control the infected device to launch DDoS attacks, but also encrypts the device’s files and has an info-stealer module. The open source encryption library OpenSSH patched several vulnerabilities at the end of January, the most notable of which is CVE-2023-25136, which allows attackers to arbitrarily code without permission.

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