June 4, 2023

[Information Security Daily]On February 14, 2023, information security provider Group-IB was attacked by Chinese hacker Tonto Team, and 70,000 people in the United States lost $1.3 billion due to love fraud in 2022

It is another situation where information security operators are targeted by APT hackers! The information security industry Group-IB revealed that it was targeted by the Chinese APT hacker organization Tonto Team last year, and pointed out that it is not the first time they have been attacked by these hackers. Today is Valentine’s Day, and the US Federal Trade Commission and information security company Sophos both issued warnings against love scams and revealed the criminal’s deceptive tactics. Researchers pointed out that the criminals intend to expand the scope of this type of fraud. Researchers have discovered a new PyPI malicious kit attack incident. Hackers intend to implant malicious browser extension kits on victim computers. Chrome, Edge, Brave, and Opera have all become targets.

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