June 7, 2023

[Information Security Daily]On February 1, 2023, the Chinese hacker organization Dragonbridge spread united front messages to Taiwan. Nearly 2,000 QNAP NAS devices in Taiwan have not yet patched major vulnerabilities.

The Chinese hacker organization Dragonbridge has spread specific information in an attempt to influence the political situation. Information security companies have disclosed related attacks a few days ago, but most of them have targeted the United States in the past. Recently, Google revealed that the organization abused its services to post messages, and specifically mentioned that these hackers continued to post threats to Taiwan during Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan last year. At the end of January, QNAP patched the major NAS vulnerability CVE-2022-27596. A few days later, some information security industry warned that at least nearly 30,000 devices around the world have not yet updated the firmware and are exposed to risk. However, it is worth noting that Taiwan The number of exposed devices is the third in the world, second only to Italy and the United States. During the Lunar New Year this year, it was reported that the credit card of Yongfeng Bank was stolen. This matter was recently confirmed by the Financial Supervisory Commission. 34 cardholders were victimized and 1.1 million yuan was stolen. Yongfeng Bank believes that it is very likely that the OTP verification code email they sent during the card swiping process was intercepted.

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