May 28, 2023

[Information Security Daily]On December 9, 2022, U.S. arms suppliers were attacked by Russian hackers TAG-53, and researchers revealed Zombinder, a malware packaging platform

Another incident of Russian hackers launching attacks on the European and American defense industries! Threat intelligence company Recorded Future revealed the phishing website attack of US arms supplier Global Ordnance. It is worth noting that arms suppliers in the UK and Poland may also be victimized. It is also worth noting that Iranian hackers use the legal remote management tool Syncro to launch attacks. It is difficult for users to detect the difference from the received emails and attached files, because the email mailboxes sent by hackers look normal, which makes it easy for recipients to reduce Be alert and follow the instructions in the letter. Attackers tamper with legitimate application installers to deliver malware, and now there are dedicated packaging services! Researchers have uncovered a malware packaging platform called Zombinder that hackers have used to distribute malware for Windows and Android to thousands of victims.

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