June 6, 2023

[Information Security Daily]On December 2, 2022, the Redis server vulnerability was locked by the malicious software Redigo, and the Criminal Bureau cracked down on the investment fraud SMS suspect

In the attacks specifically targeting Redis servers, hackers took advantage of the critical vulnerability CVE-2022-0543 disclosed in February to invade such systems, taking advantage of the fact that administrators may not install the vulnerability patches as soon as possible. But what is the purpose of hackers? Researchers speculate that it should be used for mining or launching DDoS attacks. There are frequent text message fraud attacks in our country, but in order to increase the chance of successful deception, the attackers actually lure the public through artificial intelligence voice. The Criminal Police Department of the Ministry of the Interior has recently uncovered a fraudulent attack on investment newsletters. Hackers first make calls to the target, and then decide whether to send them a newsletter through AI analysis. Businesses that provide broadcasting services may also become a conduit for hackers to invade cars! A researcher found that more than ten brands of vehicles could be remotely accessed by the same method. After investigation, it was caused by loopholes in the broadcasting service provider’s system.

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