June 6, 2023

[Information Security Daily]On December 15, 2022, SAP patched 4 CVSS risk level near-perfect major vulnerabilities, ransomware attacks abused Microsoft-signed drivers

During routine patching in December, SAP and VMware have also mitigated major vulnerabilities in their products. Users should be vigilant and install patches as soon as possible. Among them, SAP has patched 4 major vulnerabilities this time. It is worth noting that two of them are related to the components they use. One is the Chrome web browser component used by Business Client, and the other is Apache of SAP Commerce. Commons Text element. Hackers have also seen new ways of abusing drivers in attacks. In a recent wave of attacks, hackers began to use malicious drivers with Microsoft’s signature to launch ransomware attacks, thereby bypassing resources. Security system detection. Microsoft also confirmed that several developer accounts were abused.

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