June 6, 2023

[Information Security Daily]On April 7, the British digital ID verification solution provider OCR Labs exposed the configuration of the development environment, which may affect financial companies in the UK and Australia

Another data leakage accident caused by publishing the development environment configuration on the website! Moreover, such a situation still occurs in the information security industry that specializes in providing digital ID verification services. The researchers pointed out that the accident not only leaked the company’s internal information, but also implicated many large financial institutions in the UK and Australia. Users looking for VPN services should pay attention! Recently, some people have distributed the money-stealing software OpcJacker in the name of providing such services, and then further deployed Trojan horse programs and remote desktop connection programs on the victim computers to carry out the second-stage attack. In addition to the fact that we must be vigilant against hackers’ methods of distributing malicious programs, it is also worth noting that hackers are trying to lure new blood into it. Security experts have found that it is increasingly common for hackers to use the encrypted communication software Telegram to distribute phishing kits, but the purpose of doing so is mainly to attract novices who lack relevant skills to commit cybercrime.

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