May 28, 2023

[Information Security Daily]On April 27, the Chinese hacker organization spread the backdoor program MsgBot through Tencent instant messaging software, targeting NGOs

Attacks by hacker organizations in China are reported from time to time. Recently, a researcher revealed that the hacker organization Evasive Panda targeted non-governmental organization (NGO) personnel with malicious programs. Hackers used QQ, a common local instant messaging software, to update However, due to insufficient evidence obtained by the researchers, they initially believed that it was a supply chain attack, but did not rule out the possibility of an adversary man-in-the-middle attack (AiTM). It is also worth noting that hackers use the vulnerabilities of the updated programs released by software manufacturers to launch attacks. Among them, the attacks against the print management server PaperCut have attracted the attention of researchers. Since PaperCut issued a warning, there are now The researchers noted that related vulnerabilities have been used in ransomware attacks.

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