June 9, 2023

[Information Security Daily]On April 26, a fire broke out at the Information Security Department of the Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of Justice, which was suspected to be caused by the overload of computer equipment.

A fire broke out in the Information Security Department, which is responsible for information security, which aroused the attention of the outside world. The accident caused many associations to the outside world, but the Bureau of Investigation denied it, and the reason is still to be announced by them. It is also noteworthy that large arms manufacturers have been attacked by cyber attacks. For example, the American warship manufacturer Fincantieri Marinette Marine reported that it was attacked by ransomware, which affected the operation of its information system. Hackers abused ChatGPT and other artificial intelligence systems in their attacks. At the beginning of this year, some security professionals issued warnings, but now some security professionals point out that in 2022, the abuse of related systems for phishing has already occurred.

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