June 9, 2023

[Information Security Daily]On April 20, Oracle released a routine update for the second quarter of 2023, patching 433 vulnerabilities

Last Tuesday (11th), a number of vendors released routine repairs for April, including software vendors such as Microsoft, Adobe, and SAP, and OT equipment vendors such as Siemens and Schneider Electric. This week, Oracle also released a routine patch for April 2023, in which a total of more than 400 vulnerabilities have been patched, a considerable proportion of which is in the Oracle Communications series product line, and 1 out of every 6 vulnerabilities is related to this. It is also worth noting that the public sector inadvertently discloses the database. For example, some researchers found that the database exposed by the Philippine law enforcement agency not only contained personal information, but even administrative orders between organizations. But is the database really owned by a Philippine government agency? It is not yet possible to be completely sure, because after the researchers notified more than a dozen local agencies, they only received a reply from the National Computer Emergency Response Team (NCERT) of the Philippines, stating that they would confirm the responsible unit.

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