April 1, 2023
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India’s VPNs go clean, new cybersecurity rules take effect for a month

The Indian government announced new network security regulations this year. The establishment of VPNs in India, Virtual Private Networks virtual private network servers, or data centers, cloud service servers, etc., all need to store user information. Many VPN providers, including Proton VPN, have announced the removal of their local servers, making it even more difficult to connect to an Indian VPN.


India announced its cybersecurity regulations in April this year, which came into effect on September 25. Under the new rules, VPN companies are required to store user names, emails, phone numbers and IP locations for five years. Many VPN companies withdraw from the Indian market because they are dissatisfied with local regulations and do not want to break the purpose of not recording user data because of India.


It is even more difficult to connect to India now. In October, one month after the implementation of the new regulations, unwire reporters noticed that several commonly used VPN companies in Hong Kong have withdrawn from the Indian market. Even if you want to connect to India recently, it is very difficult.

Source: Techradar


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