June 9, 2023
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In mourning for Jiang Zemin, all of China stops public entertainment Tencent’s “Glory of the King”, “Original God” and “League of Legends” games stop service- Hong Kong unwire.hk

China’s third-generation central leader Jiang Zemin died of leukemia on the 30th of last month, and a series of mourning activities were launched in the local area immediately. In addition to turning many websites and social media into black and white, many games such as “Glory of the King”, “Yuan Shen” and “Eternal Tribulation” also announced that they would stop serving on the day of Jiang Zemin’s memorial service.

Comrade Jiang Zemin’s Funeral Committee issued an announcement last Thursday (1st), mentioning that a memorial meeting will be held for Jiang Zemin on December 6, requiring all regions and departments to conscientiously organize the majority of party members, cadres, and the masses to listen to the live broadcast of the memorial meeting , the national and consulates abroad and other institutions stationed abroad fly the flag at half-staff, and stop public entertainment activities for one day, and the people of the whole country must also observe 3 minutes of silence.

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Recently, a number of Chinese games have announced that they will suspend their services for one day on December 6, including “War Shuang Pamish”, “Wild Action”, and “Glory of the King”, “Eternal Tribulation”, “Peace Elite”, “Heroes” League of Legends Mobile Game and League of Legends only announced today (5th) that they will stop serving tomorrow, but none of the above-mentioned games have indicated the reason for stopping the service in the service stop announcement.

No game for a day 4 No game for a day 5 No game for a day 6 No game for a day 7 No game for a day 2 2

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