March 29, 2023
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Imou Knight 4K IP Camera 4K HDR Lens + Water and Dust Resistant

Recently, many brands have launched brand new IP cameras, and this time I would like to introduce this Imou Knight, which is a network camera suitable for both commercial and household use. It has 4K resolution and supports Wi-Fi 6 format. The function is relatively high-end style, users who have a need for a network camera, may wish to consider it.

Waterproof and dustproof for indoor and outdoor use

The Knight IP camera launched by Imou this time is very small in size, and supports IP66 waterproof and dustproof function. In addition, Knight also supports Wi-Fi dual-band 2.4GHz and 5GHz, and supports the newer Wi-Fi 6 standard, so that users can have stable and smooth image transmission in different scenarios.

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4K HDR lens guarantees image quality

As for the lens, Imou Knight has a built-in 8-megapixel 4K lens, providing a wide field of view of 107°(H), 56°(V), 127°(D), allowing users to browse a wide surveillance area at all times. In addition, it also provides instant responsive HDR and low-light image enhancement, so everyone can see a clear picture no matter the time. In addition, it also has built-in professional-grade high-performance infrared light, which can provide long-distance night monitoring function, and the effective range is up to 30 meters. In addition, it also provides 4 night vision modes to combine different scenes, including a very useful smart full-color night vision mode, when it detects someone passing by, the built-in spotlight will turn on, even in dark environments, Color images can be seen, and can also be used as lighting.

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Complete functions and comprehensive protection

As for the functions, Imou Knight is also very complete. It supports motion detection and monitoring function. As long as it detects motion, it will send an alarm to the smartphone and start the video recording function. If it is at night, it can be set to automatically turn on the spotlight alarm to scare the lights. In case of intruders, if necessary, you can listen to the live sound in real time through the built-in speakers and microphones, and even interact with your family members. Users can also customize the detection range through the Imou APP to more accurately monitor and protect the people and things they care about. In addition, it also has built-in multiple AI detection methods, which can identify people, vehicles, animals, etc., making detection more accurate.

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Video storage is convenient and can be local/cloud

As for video storage, it has two methods: Imou Knight has a built-in microSD memory card slot that supports up to 256GB memory card. in the memory card. In addition, it also supports storing videos on Imou’s own cloud service, Imou Cloud. It also provides 3-day, 7-day or 30-day tour event recording cloud packages for users to choose from, and can be paid monthly or annually. In addition, you don’t have to worry about not having enough space to store videos, because Imou Knight uses H.265 compression format. Compared with videos using the old format, the network bandwidth and storage usage can be effectively reduced, so even if the capacity is not large, but Still enough for everyone.

2022 05 30 092841

Imou Knight 4K commercial / Home Smart IP Camera Function Introduction

  • 265 8MP
  • Dual Band WiFi 6
  • 256GB card video recording
  • People/ Vehicles/ Animals/ Motion Detection
  • siren protection
  • 600 Lumens Spotlight
  • Custom area/line dynamic detection
  • Smart IR Night Vision
  • two-way talk
  • Cloud Storage (with a 30-day free trial – 7-day event recording cloud storage service)

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